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Business and Community

Business and Community

Business and Community

Engaging the Business Community

It is very difficult to place a value on attainment and social inclusion. However, it is clearly evident that the Foyer, its stakeholders and partners are playing a focussed strategic role in reducing youth homelessness in Cork and is intervening meaningfully at an early stage to break a cycle which would otherwise hold the potential to lead to long-term homelessness.

Young people who have found themselves homeless or are iminent of becoming homeless would not be in a position to engage in self-development without the holistic window of opportunity provided by the Foyer. It is therefore important that the Foyer not only provides and guides people into training and education, but strives to tackle the most difficult barrier of all - providing real employment opportunities whilst reducing the dependency on state benefits.

This can only be achieved by embracing the power and goodwill of the local business community and promoting the benefits of such employment opportunities and initiatives. "All companies, big and small, can offer know how, people with expertise to the societal problems we all experience, be that poverty, environmental issues or dealing with disadvantaged groups. If we harness the intelligence, ideas and entrepreneurship of this country's workers, we could vastly improve the state of society we live in" - Micheál martin T.D., Minister for Enterprise,Trade and Emplyoment.

North Point Business Park and Blackpool Shopping Complex

North Point Business Park Blackpool Shopping Complex

To stimulate partnership opportunities that will ultimately help Foyer residents achieve their ambitions and regenerate the wider community, the Foyer aims to continually maintain a portfolio of companies and organisations that wish to consider supporting the Foyer and investing in the future of young people by offering a small number of employment or work experience opportunities.

The Foyer would welcome expressions of interest from companies and organisations that are empathetic towards the aims of the Foyer and that are willing to rise in the forseeable challenges when introducing disadvantaged young people to the world of work. Should you wish to find out more information about the Foyer Project or arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to contact the Foyer Manager.