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How To Apply

Foyer Deal

Foyer Deal

What YOU can expect from US:

  • To live in a safe, secure and well maintained accommodation free from unnecessary intrusion
  • To receive a confidential service and have your privacy respected
  • To live in an environment free from harassment
  • To be treated fairly, regardless of race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or disability
  • To be treated with respect and be consulted about decisions affecting your life
  • To have your complaints acted upon swiftly and effectively
  • To receive the support you require to achieve independent living by the end of your stay at the Foyer
  • To receive support in accessing available employment, education and training opportunities
  • To receive advice on available resettlement opportunities, ultimately enabling you to be resettled in the community
  • To have reasonable access to training and other facilities

What Cork Foyer expects from YOU:

  • To adhere to the terms and conditions of your License Agreement
  • To comply with the Foyer Codes of Behaviour and make sure your visitors also comply with the Codes of Behaviour
  • To adhere to your individual Support Plan, that you have agreed to, and to attend regular Support Plan Reviews
  • To attend and participate in development programmes, which are designed to raise your Independent Living Skills
  • To attend interviews and meetings as reasonably required by Foyer staff or associated training providers to achieve the objectives specified in your Individual Support Plan or Training Plans
  • To keep the Foyer staff fully informed of any change in your circumstances. This is particularly important where employment and training are concerned
  • To fulfil your License Agreement, including payment of your weekly Personal Contribution
  • To respect those around you and to adhere to the Codes of Behaviour