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How To Apply

Who Can Apply

Who Can Apply?

Who can apply to Cork Foyer?

  • Young single people aged 18 -25, that are in housing need, homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • Young adults lacking a safe or stable home, or are living in temporary unsecured or emergency accomodation
  • Young adults, who are unemployed, yet are motivated to seek training, education or employment
  • Those willing to commit to a Personal Support Plan and live within the stipulations of the Foyer License Agreement
  • Those in need of basic life skills training and are planning to progress to independent living
  • Young adults, who are committed to personal development and planning for their own future

Exclusions from applying:

  • Those with a drugs and /or alcohol dependency problem, or are currently attending a substance misuse treatment programme to overcome their dependency problems.
  • Those with acute mental health issues at the time of application e.e being unable to self medicate
  • Those with personal care support needs, e.g. those that need assistance with bathing, dressing etc.

The Foyer is a multi occupancy project that accomodates up to 18 young people, many deemed as vulnerable. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the Foyer would offer accomodation to any young person convicted or charged of an offence involving arson, violence, or serious incidents of a sexual nature.

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