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The Foyer

The Foyer


In the mid-1990's the Homeless Forum, spearheaded by Cork City Council, identified the need to provide supported accommodation for young homeless persons and to link this accommodation to meaningful programmes aimed at building up the capacity of individuals and providing the skills and training for independent living and self-fulfilling living. The need for this facility was re-affirmed by independent research into homelessness in Cork, undertaken by University College Cork in 1998 - this research study incorporated direct feedback from the end users of homeless services.

In 2000-2001 Cork City Council and the Homeless Forum completed a consultative process with all its stakeholders to identify the needs of homeless persons and to consider actions for inclusion in a 3 year Strategic Plan to tackle these needs - An Integrated Homeless Strategy for Cork 2001 - 2003 was what resulted from this process and the provision of a Foyer was one of the objectives identified under this strategy. This objective was re-affirmed in the review of the original strategy and the finalisation of a Reviewed Strategy for the period 2005-2007.

In 2003, Cork City Council acquired the Assumption Convent Complex in the heart of Blackpool, which is within walking distance to the City Centre. The property needed major renovation works that was mindfully completed in March 2006.


Before Renovation

Before Renovation 1 Before Renovation 2 Before Renovation 3

After Renovation

After Renovation 1 After Renovation 2 After Renovation 3

The surrounding gardens and chapels were also renovated to provide a base for the Graffiti Theatre Company and a safe and secure toddler pay park and seating area, offering the general public a respite place in a community that is currently experiencing heavy residential and commercial regeneration. In addition, a Garden Cafe and allotment style gardens have been developed on site, with the Cafe being operated by Churchfield Community Trust. Utilising the old Assumption Convent continues the tradition of community service and care so carefully built up by the convent's previous guardians - 'The Little Sisters of the Assumption', who previously occupied the premises and served the Blackpool Community for 125 years.

Cork Foyer is owned and managed by Cork City Council and was officially opened on 22 March 2006 by Noel Ahern TD Minister for Housing & Urban Renewal.

Official Opening

Official Opening