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  1. Policy Statement
  2. How to Complain
  3. Complaints Procedure Flowchart
  4. Right of Appeal
  5. Complaint Form

1. Policy Statement

  1. The Foyer takes a positive approach to dealing with complaints and welcomes feedback on how it can improve the service it delivers. The Foyer aims to resolve all complaints as quickly, thoroughly and informally as possible.
  2. A complaint is defined as:
    “An expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the quality of service, actions or lack of action by the Foyer, its contractors or its staff affecting the complainant as an individual or group of individuals, whether they are residents or not.  This is irrespective of whether the complaint is deemed justified by the member of staff of not”.
  3. The Foyer and its Management Committee will also undertake to monitor all complaints to ensure they are used to improve the quality of service provided.
  4. Service users in particular will be provided with the support they need in order to make their views known. The Foyer will ensure that service users are not disadvantaged or treated less favourably as a result of complaining.
  5. A copy of the complaints policy and procedure is published in the resident’s handbook and licence pack. The complaints policy and procedure will also be highly visible on the Foyer notice board and through information leaflets. The process of complaining will be introduced during their induction to the Foyer.
  6. This policy does not relate to grievances made by residents about other residents.  These will be addressed during key working sessions or at resident meetings.  The policy covers complaints or comments about the services we provide, how they are provided, and those who provide and manage them.
  7. All complaints of harassment or bullying will be addressed in line with the Foyer’s Harassment and Anti bullying Policy and Procedure.
  8. The Foyer aims to make the process of complaining as non-threatening and as open as possible and encourages the service users to bring a friend or advocate if this makes them feel more comfortable.