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The Foyer Federation develops and encourages new approaches to supporting young people at risk as they make their transition to adulthood.

They work mainly through a network of over 100 accredited Foyers, who provide holistic services to around 10,000 young people a year throughout the UK and more recently in the Republic of Ireland. At the heart of the Foyer approach is a formal commitment between the young person and the Foyer.

Since 1992, the Foyer Federation have helped develop and pilot accredited learning programmes; initiatives in areas such as health and well-being and early intervention, as well as developing and implementing quality assurance systems. Their campaigning and advocacy work draws on the experience of young people and provides opportunities for them to share their ideas and experiences directly with decision makers at every level.

The Foyer Federation is now exploring how the holistic Foyer approach can be stretched and targeted to improve services for those young people whose journey to adulthood is particularly difficult; e.g. care leavers, young offenders and other vulnerable young adults.

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