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Recreation and Culture

Recreation & Culture

Cork Foyer recognises that healthy participation in recreation and culture can provide an excellent vehicle for promoting social interaction and positive growth and are therefore integral to the overall Foyer development programme.

Recreation and culture are also important therapeutic tools which help to restore physical, mental and social abilities as well as help to reduce self destructive and anti social behaviour. Culture is an excellent way of educating and helping us build understanding with our neighbours, their history and their environment while bridging divides and stimulating participation in community life.

Cork Foyer is proud to offer a range of activities that are open to Foyer residents, former residents and their guests. For the more sporting, the Foyer provides daily access to a modern gym facility, table tennis, and darts. There are weekly competitive soccer and other ball games with strong emphasis on teamwork and fair play.

For those that prefer a more sedate option, the Foyer offers a comfortable T.V. and I.T. lounge for catching up with emails and movies. Residents are also able to explore further avenues through attending weekly cookery classes.

The Staff are constantly exploring new and novel ways of encouraging interaction between Foyer residents and the wonderful facilities and attractions in the local area. These include organised visits to activity centres, exhibitions and places of interest. These all combine to create a wealth of opportunities for our residents to fill their free time, express themselves and solidify friendships.

Glen Resource Centre

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Leisure World and Graffiti Theatre Company

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