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Working Assets and Open Talent put into practice at the Cork Foyer – the story so far!

After attending an Open Talent Workshop held in Manchester, we returned to Cork full of ideas and inspiration as to how we could use the principles of the Foyer Federations ‘Working Assets and Open Talent’ initiatives to build on our past successes and drive forward a totally new enterprise.

We formed a small group of interested residents and staff to identify the assets and talents that we already had in place and made a simple list. On that list included:

  • Good sized allotments, garden cafe and large greenhouse
  • Reasonable sized kitchen – EHO approved
  • Residents who are working in both the kitchen and garden and have achieved qualifications in both
  • A team of staff and residents with bags of enthusiasm and imagination
  • Staff members and residents willing to work hard and voluntarily
  • A management team willing to take a calculated risk
  • The obvious ingredients were there all the time! Richie cropped up with the idea, why don’t we make our own jam and stuff to sell. Within minutes a list of products emerged – ambitious I know, but with the above assets and talents we could be on a winner!

The group spotted the opportunity to use the end section of the glasshouse to open a Garden Shop that will compliment the existing seasonal Garden Cafe. Churchfield Community Trust kindly agreed to do the renovation work on the glasshouse, including the laying of a stone floor and installing counters. With over €800 raised from selling sample products from our first table top sale, we all agreed an ambitious plan of action to get the shop up running by the end of March.




City Hall Tabletop Sale


Follow our progress throughout the year!

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